Greco-Latin Medical Terminology, 2. vydanie

Greco-Latin Medical Terminology, 2. vydanie
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“Greco-Latin Medical Terminology. Textbook for Students of Medicine“ is designed to be used by the international students of the medical schools. The purpose of this book is to provide the students with the fundamental grammar used in medical terminology and with the most important patterns of medical terms necessary to understand and to master them in the preclinical and clinical medical subjects.
Medical Latin is a special language used by medical doctors. Its main goal is not to obstruct but to ease medical communication among health professionals. Because it is mainly based on Greek and Latin words, it is consistent and uniform troughout many different medical branches. Even though medical terminology comprises numerous components from ancient, now non-existing (dead) languages, it is still a very productive and flexible language.


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Vydavateľstvo:  Vydavateľstvo Osveta
Vydanie:  Druhé
Rok vydania:  2020
Väzba:  Mäkká
Počet strán:  190
Formát:  17 x 24 cm
Jazyk:  slovenský
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